Spear Faculty Education

Our president Naoki Hayashi and Dr Jon Yoshimura , together had a great lecture at the Spear Faculty Education in Scottsdale, AZ. They could make a great in the meeting!      ...  Read More
T2 & DM

T2 & DM

I would like to share some really pleasurable things that are on my mind to everyone. My favorite Dental Technician pupil, Mr. Hiroaki Tada has received an Award at the DTG contest for his Awesome Artistic work! This is truly an honor! But I am most ha...  Read More
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TV Program for Naoki Hayashi!!

This is the TV program for Naoki Hayashi, president of Ultimate Styles broadcasted in Japan, April 2014. Many people asked about this documentary program in English. Now its available for English subtitle and dubbed version. Enjoy to watch our Naoki Hay...  Read More
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  We would like to share with you Naoki’s presentation which was introduced the DENTAL NETWORX in Germany. Naoki’s interview and the workshop in Nuremberg, Germany , September 2015 are also appeared.  Read More

KATANA 3 unit Bridge by Naoki Hayashi

    There’s difference between what you do and what you can do.That’s why we constantly challenge ourselves beyond limitation.We must choose nature as our guide and competitor becauseonly challenging natural teeth can create perfect...  Read More

Naoki Lectured at Taiwan

  Our president Naoki Hayashi had a great lecture at Taiwan esthetic dental symposium. The topic is “Energy Flow -from within-” Communication for Success as linked with Patient, Dentist and Technician. We believe Naoki could bring new winds...  Read More