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We would like to share with you Naoki’s presentation which was introduced the DENTAL NETWORX in Germany.
Naoki’s interview and the workshop in Nuremberg, Germany , September 2015 are also appeared.

There are many dental treatment options for the anterior restoration. We should look for all of adaptability and flexibility for each case to lead the best result,
However, in reality, there is limitation of patient’s time and financial situation. It is unusual for the treatment to use all of treatment option to use.
The operator is try to find the best treatment from the limited options to get the patient’s satisfaction, that is everyday clinical practice.

The many of dental publication from dental society or articles are introduced the ideal treatment option to use the best result, we dare to introduce the restorations
from limited treatment options. It is the reality restoration treatment of usual clinical practice.

- The clinical case is a collaboration with Dr. Jon Y. Yoshimura, DDS. -